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We introduce our selves as manufacturer and Supplier of the Various types of SAMPLE HANDLING SYSTEM for Gas Analyzer's. (Measuring CO, CO2, O2, H2, CH4, NO, NH3 gases etc).
We are having Recharging/Refilling facility for CO/CO2/CH4/NO/NH3 DETECTORS/RECEIVER of NDIR based Gas Analyzers (make: ABB, H&B, Siemens, Rosemount, IL etc) with one Year performance WARRANTEE.
We work on AMC for the System also, as we are in the field of Commissioning/Servicing/OH and Calibration of different types of Gas Analyzers for the last about 16 years.
In brief we are supplying the following SPARES of Sampling System:
Sampling System
Complete system on turn key bases for Kiln Inlet, Pre-Heater, Pre-calciner, Coal Mill etc-2.
Gas Analyzer System:
CO/CO2/O2/NO/H2/CH4/NH3/SO2 gas measurement.
Online Analyzer: ABB & Siemens make (Germany)
Portable Analyzer: KANE make (England)
Spare Parts for Analyzer
ABB Advance Optima, URAS 14/26, Magnos 17/27/206, Caldos 15/17, URAS 2T, 3G, 4, 10P, 10E, Magnos 5T, 2T, 3, 7G, 6G, 4G, Caldos 4T, 4, Lima 11, Radas 1G, 2, Siemens Oxymat 61, 64, Ultramat 23, Calomat, Fidamat, Rosemount etc-2.
Optical Parts: Radiator Unit, Sample Cell, Filter Cell, Receiver/Detector, Calibration Cell, Pressure Sensor Board, Analyzer Module, Ring Sensor O2, Digital Display etc.
Electronics: Syscon 2 Boards, IR Board, Sensor CPU Board, Memory Card, RAM Card, I/O Board, , Amplifier Card, Supply Card, Temperature Card, Analyzer Card. Transformer, Blowers, Temp. Sensor, NTC etc-2
Dust Measuring Inst.
Particle Flow Meters, Dust Flow Measuring Devices, Dust Measuring Instruments (Made in Germany).
Gas Sampling Probes
Probe-4 (800°C), Probe 5 with Porcelain (1200°C), Water Cooled Probe13 & Probe 60 (1300°C), Water Cooled Twin Gas Sampling Probe (PWT-2) 1300°C, Probe 2, Air Probe 1 (500°C) and Others on request.
Retraction System
Auto/Manual Retraction System with Electric Motor or Pneumatic Motor and Control Cabinet for Probe 13, Probe 60, PWT-2 twin Probe.
Ring Heater / Heating Device 220V/110V, Peltier Heater.
Sample Gas Cooler
Peltier Sample Gas Cooler (with imported cooling element USA make), Electric Sample Gas Cooler with SS cooling coil (Model: CGEK-5) Compressor Type, ABB make SCC-C, Water Coolers etc-2.
Vacuum Pumps
Diaphragm Pump model: DP-2, KNF 3N(motorized), SE-30, Heavy Duty Diaphragm Pump model: SE 010/TD-45/TD10, Peristaltic Pump for condensation removal, Centrifugal Pump for Close Loop Water Circulation.
Spare Kits
Spare kit for Pump DP-2/3N/SE-30/SE 010/ TD10/TD-45, KNF make pumps, Centrifugal Pump, Peristaltic Pumps & Dosing Pump etc. Repairing of all types of Vacuum Pumps can be done.
Heat Exchanger
For Water Cooling System for Kiln Inlet Probe with Fan & Motor.
Ceramic Filter for Probe 4, 13, 60, Universal Filter(glass wool), Sintered Filter(Bronze), Filter with Catch Pot (SS), Diaphragm filter (SS/PVC), GFDF Filter Paper(2µ), Condensate Monitor with switching unit ER-144, Water Filter (SS), Air Filter, Gas Filter, Acid Filter & Acid Filter Element, GFDF - Thimble, Disposable Filter etc.
Scavenging System
Auto/Manual Scavenging & Purging System for Probes with PLC.
Flow Meters
Flow meter 7-70 or 10-100 lph, Flow Guard/Controller (FM+Sensor+Relay) For Air & Water.
Acc. for Analyzer Panel
PLC, Scavenging System, 5-way calibration valve, Needle Valve, 2 Way Valve, Solenoid Valves, Gas Filter, Drying Tower, Catch Pot, Sample Gas Feed Unit (SCC-F), Cooling Fan, Air Filter Station, Water Filter Station, Radiator Unit for Heat Exchanger, Power supply(24V, 5A), Power Transformer, Timers, Circuit Breaker, Silicon/ PVDF/ Viton/ PVC/ Nylon Air Tubes, SS/PTFE Panel Fittings etc.
Tubes / Hose Pipes
Teflon / PTFE Tubes, Air Tube, Water Hose, Steam Pipes.
RTD, Thermocouple, Solenoid Valves, Dust Monitor, CCTV, Capacitive Level Controller, IP/PI Converters, Transducers, 8pin 11pin Relay Base, OEN Relay, Zerconia Probe and their Spares, Temperature Controller, Temp. Scanner, Pressure Equalizer, Pressure Gauge etc.
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